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AP/E SN 500

Product Description

SN base stocks by ExxonMobil are designed to provide Group I base stocks in addition to the AP/E CORE Group I slate, offering broad blending coverage with performance capabilities in a broad range of lubricant applications.

ExxonMobil’s SN base stocks offer additional availability of Group I products, providing supply chain flexibility. ExxonMobil follows rigorous processes to ensure reliable delivery of consistent quality base stocks so customers can be confident in their base stock supply. 


Specifications and Properties

PropertyStandard Method (a)UnitsMin.Max.
AppearanceVisualnoneClear and BrightClear and Bright
ASTM ColourASTM D1500none 3.0
Kinematic viscosity at 40°CASTM D445mm2/s9498
Viscosity IndexASTM D2270none95 
Pour pointASTM D97°C -6
Flash COCASTM D92°C237 

(a) In lieu of standard test method, alternate test methods may be used for the certification of a product property.
Note 1: Products are certified on release to meet the values specified. Actual values may deviate within the established reproducibility of the test method specified.
Note 2: For purpose of determining conformance with specification, observed or calculated values shall be rounded off to the nearest unit in the last significant digit used in expressing the limiting value in accordance to the ASTM E 29 method.


Health and Safety

Detailed health and safety information for this product is provided in the material safety data sheet (MSDS), available upon request through your local sales representative or from

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